Twist Spiral Potato Cutter Machine


Mishtifnb is a leading vendor of Manual Spiral Potato Cutter in India. Commercial Spring Potato Cutter, Fryer ,Flavor Seasonings and bamboo sticks for tornado potatoes. Excellent food retail concept.Very low investment with very high returns.Good business opportunity for existing bakeries, Ice Cream Parlors food Kiosks in high foot fall locations.
The Potato Twister Chips (also called, tornado potato, twisted potato, twisted fries, twisted chips or spiral potato) is a delicious fried potato on a stick. It has the shape of a tornado or spiral. This potato chips spiral cutter is a great product to use at home and restaurants / hotels or to start a business with.Tornado Fries is made using the Chip Twister Machine, potatoes, skewers and a deep fryer with in. Spring Potato is a new and exiting way to eat fried potatoes on sticks. Tornado fries franchises have low start up and running high cost.




Model :MSPCM-23


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